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Enterprise club will begin in the Spring term and is open to Years 5 and 6. It will run after school on Tuesdays but you may be needed to help sometimes at dinner too.

What is enterprise?
1. a project or undertaking, esp one that requires boldness or effort
2. participation in such projects   
3. readiness to embark on new ventures; boldness and energy
4. a. initiative in business
5. a business unit; a company or firm
You will be setting up and running your own business e.g. cakes, crafts or even car washing. The club will decide on a business idea and then be responsible for making, promoting and selling. You will also be responsible for the budget with the aim of raising money for the school.

Enterprise Club is up and running with 13 budding entrepreneurs! 

Mother's Day Sale

Our first enterprise event will be our Mother's Day sale taking place next week - Monday (Y1/Y2), Tuesday (Y3/Y4) and Wednesday (Y5/Y6). We have managed to source some lovely gift items, all at a very reasonable cost, to sell on to the rest of the children in school and in so doing, hopefully raise a profit.  A range of items will be on sale, which we are sure all Mum’s would be very pleased to receive. Keep your eyes peeled to find out our total profit.

Our Mother's Day sale was a great success! Thank you everyone who purchased a gift. We sold out of nearly everything, with a total of over £700. This has given us a profit of £340.07; a huge step towards our goal of £1000. 


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