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There are lots of story books available which help to explore e Safety issues. 

≠Goldilock: A Hashtag Cautionary Tale. Written by Jeanne Willis / Tony Ross

An alternative version of the Goldilocks story. At first everyone loves Goldilocks's online posts. But in her desperation to get more likes, more laughs and more hits, she crosses the line to snap some selfies, leaving her golden reputation in tatters.

Main Themes Explored: Think Before You Post, Digital Repuation

Chicken Clicking Written by Jeanne Willis / Tony Ross

A little chick sneaks into the farmer's house and buys herself and her farmyard friends lots of gifts.

Main Themes Explored: Password safety, Trust, Reliability.


Dot Written By Randi Zuckerberg / Joe Berger

Dot explores the story of a little girl who is very good at using technology. She knows how to tap, swipe and share online, but seems to have forgotten to do things in the world - she then has fun exploring all the ways she can tap, swipe and share offline

Main Themes: Having Fun In Both The Online And Offline World


But It's Just A Game Written By Julia Cook /  Michelle Hazelwood Hyde

A short story in which  we will meet Jasper, a young boy who is totally absorbed with playing online games. Without him realsiing, Jasper spends way too much time playing these online games and so the games strat to take control....

Main Themes: Screen Addiction


Oscar's Advenures In The Online World By James Southworth / Sarah Grahame.

An interactive story in which the reader is invited to make an apporiate choice, to support Oscar as he ventures through the online word.

Main Themes: Onine Spending, Image Sharing, Reporting Comments.

Digiduck's Big Decision

Digiduck's big Decision is a story about being a good friend to others on the internet. 

Main Themes:  Thinking about friends felling's online.

Digiduck's Famous Friend

Digiduck and his classmates are set the task of finding out who their special guest will be at school today. Through chatting online and asking questions they try to decide who the mystery guest is.

Main Themes:  Critical thinking, Reliability online.





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