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Learning Challenge

You, as Parents/Carers, are your child(ren)’s first educators and you know them better than anyone.  We value the knowledge that you have and we see our role as working in partnership with you to move your child’s learning forward and to enable them to achieve their true potential.  

We aim to work in partnership with parents / carers to best support the children's learning. Each Friday a 'homework' style activitiy will be sent home within the children's Learning Challenge book. Please encourage your child to complete their own work and return it to school by Wednesday the following week. This will enable staff to mark the work and stick the new learning challenge into your child's book. Learning  Challenges are regularly and we would very much like to encourage parents / carers to comment on the blog, if you sport your child's work being showcased. Thank you for your continued support.

Those children who are not secure in recognising numbers to 10 and 20 will also have a key ring with the numbers they know and some numbers they do not. Please use these to support your child’s number recognition and to play counting games with them to support their number recognition.

First Hand Experiences

Children learn best through first hand experience, so whether it's hand printing with paints, walking barefoot in mud and other new surfaces or tasting new foods, we like to provide a whole range of new experiences for all of their senses.  

We also encourage the children to choose some of the activities they want to do, while at the same time making the right choices.  This includes being thoughtful to others and showing respect for themselves, those around them and the things around them. 

Learning Challenges are used to supprt the children's work in school:

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