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Our Home School / Agreement was introduced following a lengthy consultation exercise involving stakeholders. We are proud of the result.

Every child in school, with their parents’ support and guidance, has signed the Agreement.  This is a pledge which helps forge the relationships between home and school, so necessary to develop our individual pupils’ talents, abilities and attitudes to learning.                                                                         

It is expected that any new pupil, with parents’ commitment, signs the Home School Agreement when commencing this school.

We aim to promote a partnership between home and school. The Home School Agreement outlines the responsibilities of the partners:

The responsibilities of the children:

Show thoughtfulness and respect at all times and follow The School Charter:

Be friendly and caring to others;
Always try our best;
Listen to others;
Take good care of equipment, the building and belongings of others;
Be polite and respectful at all times.

Complete all classwork and homework as well as I can, asking questions when I don’t understand;

Let an adult know, if there is a problem;

Be prepared for learning (arrive on time with the right equipment e.g. P.E. kit);

Contribute to lessons and avoid disturbing others;

‘Own up’ if things go wrong.

The responsibilities of parents / carers:

Help us to promote our Sandford Hill aim of ‘Thoughtfulness and Respect’.

Encourage your child(ren) with their learning, during and beyond the school day.

Ensure that your child attends school and arrives on time, unless there is a good reason for absence (illness).

Treat staff, school property and others with respect when on the school grounds or when using social media referring to the school.

Ensure your child wears school uniform and follows the school’s dress code.

Ensure your child follows the school’s rules, by supporting the school’s behaviour policy and co-operate fully with any behaviour procedures should they arise (i.e. target setting, reviews etc.).

Attend parent/ teacher meetings to discuss your child’s progress.

Ensure that your child completes any homework and returns it on time.

Read regularly with your child.

Tell the school any changes in address, telephone number, emergency contact details, e-mail, etc.

Let the school know of any concerns or problems that might affect your child’s learning, behaviour or happiness at school.

The responsibilities of the school:

Provide a safe, secure, happy and stimulating learning environment.

Develop and support a broad and balanced curriculum, enabling all children to maximise their potential.

Encourage the children to show thoughtfulness and respect towards each other, adults, property and the environment.

Promote high standards and high expectations of progress and attainment.

Keep parents informed about their child’s attainment, progress, attitude to learning and behaviour.

Keep parents well informed about the curriculum, school life and special events.

Promote and support the children’s regular involvement in extra-curricular clubs and community activities.

Set regular and appropriate homework for the children.

Deal with parental concerns promptly and inform them of how they have been dealt with.


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