Meet the Staff

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Meet the Staff

Meet The Staff Of Sandford Hill Primary School

The following members of staff suport the children at our school:


Senior Leaders:


Mr D. Wardle


Disdavantaged provision 

Mrs S. Martin

Assistant Headteacher

English Leader

Assessment Leader

Mr I. Walford

Assistant Headteacher

Curriculum Leader

e Safety Leader

Mrs M. Allen

Inclusion Leader (E.A.L., S.E.N.,)

Designated Safeguarding Lead / Child Protection Officer

Middle Leaders:

Mrs D. Powell

EYFS Leader

Transition Leader


Mrs S. Bullock

Year 4 Teacher

PHSE / Art Leader

Marking and Feedback Leader


Mrs R. Hassall

Year 6 Teacher

Behaviour Leader

Planning and Prparation Leader


EYFS Staff:



Mrs M. Smith


Reception Teacher

RE Leader

Keeping Healthy Leader

Mrs S. Mitchell

Reception Teacher


Mrs H. Welsh


Early Years Practitioner

Mrs A. Morton


Early Years Practitioner

Mrs J. Moss


Early Years Practitioner

Mrs J. Gater

Early Years Practitioner


Key Stage 1 Staff:



Mrs L. Hodgson

Year 1 Teacher

Computing Leader

Outdoor Learning (KS1 Leader)


Mrs V. Ridgway


Year 1 Teacher

Miss A. Heath

Year 2 Teacher

PE (KS1) Leader

Phonics Leader


Miss S. Gregory

Year 2 Teacher

English Leader

Cycling / Scootering Leader


Key Stage 2 Staff:


Mr D. Jones

Year 3 Teacher


Mrs S. Harrison

Year 3 Teacher

Mathematics Leader


Mrs T. Frost

Year 4 Teacher

Design and Technology Leader

Music Leader

Mrs K. Carney

Year 5 Teacher

Science Leader

Curriculum Support


Mrs S. Frost

Year 5 Teacher

Geography Leader

History Leader


Mr I. Alcock

Year 6 Teacher

PE (KS2) Leader

KS2 Playground Activities Leader


Mrs V. Gerrard

Class Teacher

Environment Leader

School Council Leader

Mrs V. Twynham

Specialist French Teacher

MFL Leader


Mrs J. Brian

Music Teacher


Mrs J. Ford

Dance Teacher


Inclusion Team:

Mrs N. Drakeford



Mrs L. Greatbatch

Teacher Support - S.E.N.


Mrs S. Sardar

Teacher Support - E.A.L.


Mrs M. Brennan

Home / School Link Worker


Mrs M. Arnott

Inclusion Assistant



Teacher Support Team:


Miss J. Chidlow


Miss A. Bloore


Miss A. Foster


Mrs K. Baggaley


Miss M. Cope


Miss D. Shipley


Mrs L. Henshall


Mrs J. Aston


Mrs K. Danks


Mrs L. Cooper


Mrs S. Clunn


Mrs M. Hopkinson


Miss J. Gibson


Mr K. Turner


Miss T. Bloore


Mrs S. Yeomans Mrs L. Todd  



Administration Staff:

Mrs J. Wildgoose

Business Operations Leader

Senior Leader,  Health & Safety Manager


Mrs G. Mullin


Office Manager


Miss R. Morton


Office Secretary


Mrs D. Heath


Clerical Assistant



Site Staff


Mr M. Hassall


Site Supervisor

Mr S. Browne Janitor  



Sandford Hill Primary School
Clayfield Grove
Stoke on Trent

Tel: 01782 235511
Tel: 01782 235518

Headteacher: Mr D Wardle

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