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Y2 Maths


Year 2 Maths


In Year Two, we are always looking for ways to keep Maths fun and exciting! Throughout the year we will be pushing the children to reach their highest capabilities, ensuring that they have a good understanding of our curriculum and are ready to sit their KS1 assessments.

By the end of the year the children will be expected to have some known Math facts such as; the two, five and ten times tables, doubles and halves of numbers to at least 20 and the addition number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. Through a wide range of problem solving activities, the children will secure a deeper understanding which will provide a solid foundations for Key Stage Two.

We are keen to work with parents to build on the childrens love for learning because your help is crucial; and can make a real difference to your child's progress, achievements and attitude towards Maths.

These are some of the web based games we use with the children to support their learning within our Maths lessons:


 ICT Games



Hit The Button


Maths Payground



Woodlands School



BBC Bitesize Maths Playground Woodlands Maths Zone Crickweb

 Maths SATs

SATs (Standard Assessment Tests) are tests taken towards the end of the Summer Term to help show the children's progress, compared to that of other children. Our children will be taking their SATs in mathematics in May. The links below are sample papers of the types of tests the children will be asked to complete.






KS1 Artithmetic   KS1 Reasoning Other ideas


If you would like any more information about KS1SATs, please speak to a member of our staff. 




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